How to sell 100 products in $100 on facebook?

July 6, 2016

Have you noticed the ethnicities that people get hold of information are changed drastically in the fullness of time? In the past, the foremost tools of information were T.V, radio and newspaper. These fonts are quite limited as they can work able-bodied on locally. Even though these conventional media of communication are still pretty handy in getting information but internet has bring down their value. Without any doubt one can say that Facebook is prevalent social media that facilitate his customers to do their business in more effective way. By using following techniques you can sell 100 products in $ 100 on facebook.

Create good content to attract customers:

Many businessmen formulate the gaffe of composing ads that acquire their panorama straightforwardly to a sales page. What do you think, if someone who has clicked on your ad, is he engrossed in buying from you, right? But unfortunately, in actual world, the buying and selling process is not as simple as it apparently looks. You can convince them by creating good content. Titles of your content should be very attractive, correct and ingenious because if more titles are attention-grabbing more people will interpret your content and probability to sway them to buy your product will also bump up.

Target your audience:

Facebook sanctions you to target and advertize your product to a specific town or city. This tactic will originate it trouble-free to only reveal your ad to the people who will be able to drive or walk to your store. For successful campaign of selling 100 products in $ 100 on facebook, you should always endeavor to mark those inhabitants who are motivating in buying your goods as well as match the eon and gender indispensable to compose the use of your products. Facebook offers different advertising plans to you but you should choose the plan according to your financial condition and nature of business.

Cross selling:

Cross selling is a technique used by businesses to retargeting their customer for selling their more products to that customer. For example every time you go on L’Oreal to buy lipstick and face shiner, you will see ads on your Facebook feed for make-up brush sets and lip liners. This time it is L’Oreal who takes advantage of Facebook by retargeting you and cross-selling. It will make perfect sense to target you again by this particular brand because by buying product every time you have shown your trust on them. And there are a lot of chances that you will buy next time more products from them.

Spend 100 dollars on 100 clicks from targeted audience:

By targeting your audience carefully you can sell your 100 products by spending 100 dollars. As facebook offers you different bids to promote your business, among those it is very common policy, give $ 1 / click. If you target those 100 people who are highly interested in buying your product then it will become easy for you to sell 100 products in 100 $.


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