How to run a jewelry shop through instagram

September 9, 2016


Instagram is the best choice:

If you are thinking about starting a jewelry business online, then instagram is the best medium of running the shop. Instagram is beneficial for running a jewelry shop online. Through instagram you can easily establish the shop and you can attract more followers. If you are ready to sell the jewelry items then here are the ways of using instagram for jewelry shop:

Photographing of jewelry:

On instagram you can post the picrures of jewelry items. The first thing you need to do is, you have to click the pictures of available jewelry items. Make sure the pictures should be clear and bright. Donot click the blur pictures. When you will post the pictures on instagram, customers may attract towards the jewelry items. For attracting the customers, it is nessaccry to provide the image of product. Followers will see the pictures and then they will become your customers soon. You use a professional camera for clicking the pictures. The pictures should be appealing and attractive. You can click the picture with different angels, with different lights and you can edit the pictures. You can use different backgrounds while clicking the pictures, background can be selected according to the style and color of jewelry item. The plain white paper can also help you in giving perfect pictures. You can also select some models for photoshot of jewelry. Models will wear the jewelry and it will attract the customers.

Write jewelry description:

After taking the pictures of jewelry and posting the pictures now it is time to write the description of jewelry item with the picture. In description, you will provide the code of product (e.g C-105), price of product, the way of ordering and describe about the jewelry item (e.g afghani neckles made up of stones,coins and pearls). Through this description it will make easy for the followers to know about the product and order the product. The description should be shiny same like the jewelry. You attract the followers by your description. The purpose of description is to tell the followers about the worth of product. You have to give feeling to the followers that this product is essential for you and you should must buy it. You should mention the benefits of the jewelry item. You can make your jewelary the part of people life.

Connected with the followers:

When you post the pictures of jewelry items with detail description, then you should be active almost all the time. Whenever any follower comment on the post, ask any question or make order then it is your first responsibility to answer the follower with good communication skills. It will give a good feeling to the followers.

You should choose the proper hastags for your jewelry items. Instagram provides 30 hashtags at a time on one pictures. Hashtags help you in attracting the followers.

If you use instagram in proper way then you can earn millions in few years.


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